How many liters of water does it dechlorinate

Legend Priority™ The bottle of course tells you this information however we know that it is 30000 litres of dechlorinated water per 0.5  litre of Legend Priority™. This is 1.5x the nearest competitors concentration.

Legend Priority™ also detoxifies ammonia, nitrite & nitrate. This should not be used to get away from water changes or replacing filtration. This should only be used  in an emergency.

It has everything your other water conditions have and it also comes more concentrated than the leading competitor. A no brainer surely?

How often can I dose Legend Priority™?

A: Legend Priority™ can be dosed every 24-48 hours.


Legend Avernus AlBlackEX™

How long does it take to work?

Legend Avernus AlBlackEX™ should have cured your black beard problem in a matter of weeks

Legend Avernus AlBlackEX™ was special designed for the control of Black Beard Algae (BBA) in planted aquariums. is a highly effective means of removing BBA when combined with healthy water conditions and algae eating inhabitants.

The organic compounds deactivate algae cells by binding to their proteins. The active component activates in water, but is quickly broken down by biological microbial action, resulting in no bio-accumulation in the aquarium ecosystem in the long run.


Under what circumstances would I use Legend Green Revolution™ if I’m already using Legend Esssential™?

Legend Green Revolution™ is a supplement based on phytohormones derived from plant that coordinate cellular activities of plants. contains trace/ultra-trace minerals, which encourages the growth of new great shoots.  These trace/ultra-trace minerals are rapidly consumed and depleted through chemical means, some in mere hours. Legend Esssential™ is an organically based supplement. Legend Green Revolution™ will give you a way to dose back these trace/ultra-trace minerals without doubling up on the organics found in Legend Esssential™. I would use them preferably on alternate days to keep a constant influx of these trace/ultra-trace minerals available to your plants.


Legend Avalon™

If i use Legend Avalon™ i have also tou use Heaven and Essential?

No you don’t, the Legend Avalon™ has been formulated to work alone, Is an All in One fertilizer that gives to the plants in your aquarium the important trace elements iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum, and the macronutrients potassium and magnesium, nitrate and phosphate..

You only need Co2 to make your plants happy with the help of Legend Avalon™


What is the difference between Legend C4 Aery™ and Legend C5 Eos™

Legend C4 Aery™ is a natural bioavailable source of carbon, humic & amino acids, and naturally-occurring phytohormones for aquarium plants on a natural basis. Is based on natural raw materials.

Legend C5 Eos™ is a source of bioavailable organic carbon a powerful and efficient source, important for all aquarium plants. Is derived from simple organic compounds epoxy aldehydes.


Legend Elysium™

Is this product designed for begginers

Yes, it is designed for beginners or low tech aquarium. Is Nitrate and Phosphate free. It is specifically designed for use in lightly planted aquariums and for aquariums with a high fish population.