High Precision

Bubble Counter With Built-in Check Valve



Life Aqua CO2 series – Regulator are the high precision single or dual gauges CO2 regulator, specifically designed for nature planted aquarium. The CE-certified 12V DV Integrated solenoid valve replaces the AC model, which is safer and more stable. Bubble counter with built-in check valve included to stop water backflow to bottle with high precision fine-tuning function. Life Aqua Regulator has strong compatibility, compatible with any size of CO2 cylinders with various inlet adapters. The dual gauges design provides a more precise reading of working output and internal gas tank pressure, so that users can monitor the pressure relationship between primary and secondary pressure regulators and easily estimate the time to replace emptied gas cylinder.

Dual Stage Regulated CO2 Splitter takes one more step, so that users can split the regulated gas from one cylinder to multiple aquarium tanks. Suggest up to max. 4 output. Optional accessory Manifold Extender with Bubble Counter are available.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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