Legend C4 Aery™ 5L


Liquid carbon fertiliser

With potassium, iron, manganese and boron

Biologically compatible

For lush vegetation





Legend C4 Aery™

Legend C4 Aery™ is based on natural raw materials

A natural bioavailable source of carbon, humic & amino acids, and naturally-occurring phytohormones for aquarium plants on a natural basis

Legend C4 Aery™stimulators and components of the Krebs cycle is a series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy through the oxidization of acetate—derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide. The second stage of cellular respiration is the three-stage process by which living cells break down organic fuel molecules in the presence of oxygen to harvest the energy they need to grow and divide.

This metabolic process occurs in most plants, animals, and many bacteria.

Legend C4 Aery™is important for plants to grow well and compete effectively with algae. With too little carbon or CO2 in the aquarium,

Primary or supplementary source of carbon (compatible with CO2 supplementation).

Supply your aquarium plants with liquid and readily available carbon, which was produced on the basis of natural raw materials. The carbon fertilizer also contains potassium, and manganese, which accelerate growth and ensure healthy and vigorous plant growth.

The success is already visible after a few weeks – you should pay attention to the shoot tips and young leaves during this time!

The luxuriant and healthy growth of the aquarium plants massively suppresses the growth of algae. The entire aquarium appears healthier, greener, and more beautiful.

Shrimp Friendly

Storage:  at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Use: For fertilization of ornamental plants in an aquarium only.

See the pack for detailed dosage recommendations. Note: Official guidance recommendations take precedence.


Dosage: Shake well before using.

Depending on the planting and growing conditions: 1-3 ml per 100 l aquarium water, per day

Does not contain glutaraldehyde



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