Legend Co2 Drop Checker


  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Visually very appealing
  • Good to read
  • The necessary suction cups are included



Legend CO2 Drop Checkers are used for long-term monitoring of the CO2 levels in the aquarium. A Legend CO2 reagent is filled into those CO2 Drop Checkers and will change the color according to the amount of dissolved CO2 in the aquarium water. Green will indicate a proper CO2 value, yellow will indicate to much CO2 and blue will show not enough CO2.

Please note that the required CO2 Drop Checker reagent is sold separately and does not come with this glass CO2 Drop Checker.


  • 1 transparent suction cup included
  • Made of glass
  • Available in two different sizes



Legend – CO2 Drop Checker
Height 55 mm
Width 50 mm


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