Legend Entity™ 5L


Natural organic waste management

Rapidly and safely eliminates sludge and


Helps increase water clarity





Legend Entity™

Legend Entity™ is a therapy through bioaugmentation that is a feasible strategy to defend water quality, plants, and fish.

Application of Legend Entity™ It provides bacteria that break down excess food, waste and detritus in freshwater and marine systems. It will also reduce excess nutrients (e.g. ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates) that may fuel the growth of nuisance and disease-causing organisms.

Benefits include improved disease resistance and growth performance, healthy fish depend on healthy water conditions and healthy water conditions depend on the presence of beneficial micro-organisms that maintain the eco-balance.

When water conditions are out of balance, the potential for problems can exist and worsen very quickly.

No matter how technically advanced the equipment is in a recirculating system, it is still an artificial environment prone to water quality problems. Even the normal processes will eventually cause the system to become unbalanced, allowing unfriendly bacteria to multiply and negatively impact water quality. This, inevitably, leads to bacterial infestations which affect the health of fish.

Legend Entity™ is the solution – Bio-Augmentation. The use of benefic bacteria to maintain healthy water conditions, bacteria that break down excess food, waste, and detritus in freshwater

Legend Entity™ contain Class 1 micro-organisms that function in a wide range of normal and hostile water conditions, and they will thrive in your aquarium.

They can significantly improve the biological activity of other bacteria operating within the process and speed up containment removal rates.

The bacteria species in Legend Entity™ thrive in fresh or salt water and can utilize a wide range of organic compounds, including fats that can cause unsightly films.

Shake well before use. Turn off UV/ozone.

Antibiotics should be removed with fresh carbon and a water change before adding bacteria. Allow 2 or 3 days for the bacteria to become established before using UV sterilizers or ozone. Recurring problems with high nutrients can indicate overstocking, overfeeding, or inadequate filtration.


Shrimp friendly

Storage: at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Use: Only for fertilizing ornamental plants in an aquarium.
See package insert for detailed dosage recommendations. Note: official guidance recommendations take precedence.

Shake well before using.

Use 5 mL for each 40 L.

Then use a maintenance dose of 5 mL for each 80 L with additions of livestock or the disruption of the biofilter through cleaning or medications.


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