Legend Magatta


This is truly the ultimate all-rounder embodied in a master piece tool. The Magatta is designed to incorporate the best of all series, with hollow ground fully convex blades forged from premium Japanese 440C , our sophisticated ball bearing disc operating system and a traditionally forged finger notch. Carefully engineered for optimal weight distribution, striking a perfect balance between lightweight maneuverability and substantial feel for enhanced control.




Our Magatta scissor has been designed to incorporate the best of all series. The hollow ground, mirror-polished, fully convex blades are forged from premium Japanese 440C. The Samurai Sword blade design is taken from the Rid series, the sophisticated ball bearing disc operating system from the Fury series, with the optimum ergonomics of the Fury series and the powerful leaf blade properties of the Rid series. Offered for the first time with a traditionally forged finger notch. Legend characters and an original Japanese ceramic inlay lend the screw system a sophisticated touch.


Integrated Finger Rest

The integrated finger rest is designed to provide additional support and comfort, promoting a more natural hand position by allowing your hand to rest comfortably, contributing to better control and increased precision during cutting.


Convex Leaf Blades

Perfectly balanced. The power of the leaf blade structure combined with the convex edge design allows for an unprecedented cutting experience, and absolute power with every cut, cutting through the thickest and dense bushes with complete ease.



The enclosed ball-bearing is free from collecting plant and dust so that nothing may affect the precise movement of the scissors, whilst the synthetic disc between the upper and lower blades minimises friction and wear of the blades.


  • Made from 440C Japanese steel for durability and edge retention
    30′ curved blade than most other shears, ideal for cutting stem or carpet plants
  • Very sharp and easy to use
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and control
  • Available in 6″ size.


  • Provides accurate and precise plant cuts
  • Reduces cutting time and effort
  • Easy on hands and wrists
  • Durable and long lasting
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty on the steel

Ideal for:

  • All plant lovers
  • For creating different shape of plant bushes
  • Hobbyist with high density plant or low density plant
  • Anyone who wants a high-quality pair of scissors that will last for years

Tips for care and maintenance:

  • Clean your Magatta scissors after each use with a Legend alcohol solution.
  • Dry the scissors thoroughly with a Legend chamois.
  • Apply a small amount of Legend Fury Shear Oil to the pivot bolt regularly.
  • Store the scissors in a dry place.
  • Overall, the Legend Magatta Shear is an aquatic plant shear that is ideal for professional use.
  • It is made of durable Japanese steel, is very sharp and easy to use, and
  • comes with a lifetime warranty.

With the Legend Magatta Scissors ground-covering plants can be trimmed perfectly. Dense carpets of Eleocharis, Glossostigma or Hemianthus callitrichoides are not a problem any more if you use these scissors. Dense aquatic plant carpet can be trimmed perfectly and very quickly with them.

Of course you can use the Legend Magatta Scissors for any other cutting work on the plants in your aquarium.

The handles are equipped with an anti-slip layer, which guarantees safe working conditions.

What’s Included?

Wipe the blades after every use using a Legend chamois cloth, keep your scissors clean and plant free. Clean blades retain their edge and shine for longer. The scissors are designed for smooth, sharp cutting and do not require any unnecessary force or pressure. Lubricate the pivot daily with a Fury oil pen. It helps to keep the cutting action smooth. Always store your scissors with the blades closed and in a case or holder to keep them safe from dirt and damage when storing or transporting. Check the scissor tension on a daily basis. It’s easy to adjust and a smoother cut reduces wear and tear. When cutting plants, try to avoid clipping the scissors on combs or slides as it may scratch or nick your blades. Only our Legend technicians should sharpen or repair your tools. Precision engineering requires precision servicing.




Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm


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