Life Aqua Cabinet Light Stand 120cm


Versatile Mounting System

For Various Types of Aquarium

High Load Capacity

Allow User To Place 2 Lights



The Life Aqua Cabinet Stand is an all-purpose support for aquarium lighting. The combination of aluminum and 10 mm thick stainless steel rods provides a high load-bearing capacity to support various aquarium lights. Heavy and high-quality lights such as the Master Pro II and Prime Pro EX series can be supported by the Life Aqua Cabinet Stand.

Cabinet Stand assembly example

Cabinet Stand assembly example

The selectable sizes are compatible with the two standard aquarium sizes 90 cm and 120 cm. For deeper aquariums, the optional T-Bar is available. With this extension, it is possible to hang 2 Prime Pro EX lamps with an Aqua Cabinet Stand.

Beispiel eines Aufbaus des Cabinet Stands

Dimensions of an exemplary assembly of the Cabinet Stand (in cm)

Clamps for mounting on the cabinet are included. Rope suspension and lamp holders are not included.


  • Combination of 304 stainless steel and 6.063 aluminum
  • Very rigid structure
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for 90 and 120 cm aquarium cabinets
  • Expandable with Life Aqua T-BAR

To suspend a Prime Pro EX luminaire, in addition to a suitable lamp holder, the Life Aqua Prime Pro EX Pendant Kit is needed. If 2 lamps are to be hanged on by means of the T-Bar an additional Life Aqua Prime Pro EX Pendant Kit. A Master Pro II is delivered including a cable suspension and does not require a separate cable suspension.


Number/type of luminaire Life Aqua T-Bar Life Aqua Cabinet Stand Life Aqua Prime Pro EX Pendant Kit Life Aqua Aqua Stand
1 x Prime Pro EX 600/900/1.200 0 x 1 x
2 x Prime Pro EX 600/900/1.200 1 x 2 x
1x Master Pro II / x / x
4 x Prime Pro EX 600 2 x 4 x

Compatibility – luminaires with stands and the required accessories x = Compatible; 0,1,2,3 = Reqiuerd items; / = Not compatible


Life Aqua Cabinet Stand – 950 mm
Length 950 mm
Height 1.300 mm
Suitable for aquarium length 900 mm
Suitable for aquarium depth Up to 600 mm
With T-Bar add on Up to 800 mm
Maximum load capacity 11 kg
Life Aqua Cabinet Stand – 1250 mm
Length 1.250 mm
Height 1.300 mm
Suitable for auqriumlength 1.200 mm
Suitable for aquarium depths Up to 600 mm
With T-Bar add on Up to 800 mm
Maximum load capacity 11 kg

Life Aqua

Life AquaThe Life Aqua brand from Hong Kong develops modern and high-quality premium accessories for aquascaping and aquaristics. The unique and newly conceived portfolio of Life Aqua offers an extremely high-quality standard and impresses with detailed solutions as well as unusual designs. In addition to first-class aquarium LED lighting, RGBW backgrounds, premium CO2 accessories and well-thought-out solutions for hanging or placing lights are also offered. The range is completed by Smart Living articles that enrich the life of every aquarium enthusiast.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 125 × 20 × 10 cm


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