Life Aqua Master Pro ( 2nd Edition)

Original Natural Color

Wireless Controllable

Ripple Light

Heat Management

Water Proof




Life Aqua – “Master Pro 2” is the is a master-class aquarium luminaire. Absorbing the experience of the first version of Master Pro, we use RGB LEDs to simulate natural sunlight to allow plants to grow healthily, and through the unique RGB ratio, the natural colors of objects are vividly displayed. In this second edition, we even combine nature and IoT technologies, allowing users not only to use the default natural color scenes we adjusted, but also to make adjustments (color and brightness) to suit your tank design. In addition, with a freely set schedule, you can simulate sunrise, sunset and natural colors for the water tank. This version also retains the adjustable brightness ripple light function to make your perfect water tank more perfect. Life Aqua “Master Pro 2” leads natural planted aquarium into future.


RGB True Colour

We used RGB (MBUM) Multi Beam Underwater Mixing Technology to create True Colour under the water. You can see sands, rocks, plants & fishes ALL in very Natural Colours.


Wifi control

Full control over colour and intensity with built in wifi using an app on your mobile phone.


Natural Colour

In order to observe the most Original Natural Colour (ONC) in Aquarium Tank, MaxLite insisted to use R/G/B colour high power LED only for Master-Pro (Flagship Light).


Heat Management 

Effective constant heat dissipation & heat transferred technology are well developed, this is key for successful stable colour temperature & rendering effect – and extends the RGB LED life span.


Life Aqua Master-Pro RGB uses CREE 3W high optical power LED which can provided max. 1M deep penetration for a single unit.

Water Proof

Life Aqua Master-Pro provided IP67 in 1M deep Water Proof Standard, there are NO any other aquarium lights on the market that have this capability.


Ripple Light

Users can select by a one-touch button to change from RGB to White LED light to create clear ripple waves under the water. Users & hobbyists can enjoy the Natural Moon Light (Simulation) when the turn off the indoor lights.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm


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