Life Aqua Prime Pro Ex 450

Original Natural Color

Wireless Controllable

Ripple Light

Heat Management



Life Aqua “Prime Pro EX” series is a high color rendering and extremely high optical output performance, full wireless controllable RGB 3 in 1 LED + (white) Moon Ripple LED Aquarium Lighting, specific designed for natural plants aquarium, plus helping users take perfect presenting and competition photos. Integrating our professional and unique technologies the RGB 3in1 LED output are optimized, aquatic plants grow naturally and healthily. Plants original colors are faithfully and perfectly presented. Plus the wireless control technology, aquatic plants can be retained in the natural environment by simulating the cycle of sunlight (such as sunrise, sunset and Moon Light). Moreover, “Prime Pro EX” takes one step further than others with custom independent dimming functions in RGB and (white) Moon Ripple LEDs. ‘Prime Pro EX’ uses high-brightness LEDs, users can not only control the photosynthesis rate of plants, but also help users take perfect photos with natural colors. Life Aqua “Prime Pro EX” series leads nature planted aquarium into future.


RGB True Colour

We used RGB (MBUM) Multi Beam Underwater Mixing Technology to create True Colour under the water. You can see sands, rocks, plants & fishes ALL in very Natural Colours.


Wifi control

Full control over colour and intensity with built in wifi using an app on your mobile phone.


Natural Colour

In order to observe the most Original Natural Colour (ONC) in Aquarium Tank, RGB 3in1 LED output are optimized, aquatic plants grow naturally and healthily.


Heat Management 

Effective constant heat dissipation & heat transferred technology are well developed, this is key for successful stable colour temperature & rendering effect – and extends the RGB LED life span.


Life Aqua Prime Pro Ex uses RGB 3 in 1 LED + (white) Moon Ripple LED which can provide deep penetration for a single unit.


Ripple Light

Users can select by a one-touch button to change from RGB to White LED light to create clear ripple waves under the water. Users & hobbyists can enjoy the Natural Moon Light (Simulation) when the turn off the indoor lights.


  • Fixed clear acrylic brackets for mounting onto the side glass of your aquarium
  • Pendant wires – for hanging above your aquarium at desired height.

Note on pendent option: Light and wires only, does not include cabinet stand, to be purchased separately. Life Aqua Cabinet Stand.

Further notes: Pendent wires and Fixed Bracket Stands can be purchased additionally, if you would like to convert your Pro Prime EX from fixed to pendent, or visa versa. See related products.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 20 × 5 cm


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